After the kill, simply move the Carcass Buddy to the spread position, put slits in rear legs, and insert the tool for easy removal of the lower gut area.
Attach the Carcass Buddy strap around your buck's antlers and drag the buck home or to the truck. For a doe, put the Carcass Buddy strap around the neck and twist to drag.
Move the Carcass Buddy into the hang position, hook the tool between the legs of the animal, and lift them into the air to hang or butcher.
Already have a gambrel hanger? No problem! Use your Carcass Buddy to easily skin your game. Simply attach the hooks in the hide and start skinning with less effort.

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Welcome to Carcass Buddy

Carcass Buddy is a multi-tool that helps hunters gut, drag, and hang big game animals. Carcass Buddy was designed by an avid outdoorsman and mold maker, Jonathan Kalkman. On a mule deer hunting trip in Nebraska, Jonathan was able to successfully kill a beautiful mule deer buck and while gutting the deer, he kept asking himself "there's got to be a better way to keep his legs open so it's easier for me to do this by myself." After reviewing the market and finding out that there was no actual tool that could deliver, Jonathan designed, molded and created his own hunting multi-tool, the Carcass Buddy!

The Carcass Buddy is a great tool to bring on your next hunting or big game adventure. The Carcass Buddy works like the arms of a clock, just loosen the wing nut and turn to the desired position. Then it's as simple as Spread'em, Drag'em, Hang'em and Skin'em!

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